I've been working as a contributing writer / editor for Japanese magazines for 20 years.

Many people asked me why I write, and I think the answer originated from my formative experience during my childhood;

I was an editor in chief of my own weekly newspaper, and my family members used to enjoy reading it.

Working with international media has been one of my dreams.

Since I started working as an interpreter, I've always wanted to get involved in foreign productions that conduct interviews

and local shoots, as it will certainly create wonderful opportunities for people outside of Japan,

to find the various interesting faces of the country!

More specifically, for TV and film production, and magazines / web magazines, I offer the following work:

Scouting locations.
Conduct / arrange interviews.
Interpreting interviews.
Obtaining permissions for filming.
Hiring crew and equipment.
Arranging transport.
Booking accommodation.
Available languages: Japanese, English
The location could be throughout Japan.
For details, please inquire using the contact form.



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